Tuesday, June 1, 2010

a lovely memorial day weekend

this weekend seemed to be all about flowers - shopping for them, planting them and wanting to plant more of them after a visit to the st. paul farmer's market. trying out a new variety this year. . .torenia, or clownflower. hope it really does like shade!

 the new planter for 2010. decided on some fuscia and a spider plant to compliment the impatiens.

 i'm growing more and more attached to my local library. it used to frustrate me that the location nearest to me didn't have what i was looking for. always needed to make a request. now, it's just part of the deal and i just go with the flow. look at this beautiful sculpture that was just installed by the entrance. love it!

 megan gave me a head's up about the gelato stand at the farmer's market this year. whoa. super good. this is a mix of salted caramel and strawberry rhubarb. delightful.

 more market love. fresh aspargus that i made into pizza using my most favorite trader joe's item - the frozen naan. so simple and so scrumptious.

 dinner at my dining table, with a cool breeze and gentle rain falling outside.
more flowers :)

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