Sunday, June 13, 2010


A few weeks ago my friend Tammy and I went up to Clare's Well to help on spring clean-up day. This was our second year volunteering on this day. It rained. We got muddy. We hauled firewood into summer storage. We scrubbed the sauna. We harvested mint and loaded it into a dehydrator. We dug a short ditch and refitted a drainage pipe on the Sacred Path (for this one, I commented that the Sisters have a lot of confidence in our abilities - neither of us really knew if we were doing this quite right). We put up curtains. We smiled when an older gentleman told us he likes seeing younger people helping out. We enjoyed lunch and watched the rain. We splashed our feet in a clear and crisp Sabbath Pond. And we inspired the Sister's to say this: we enjoy seeing you enjoying your friendship.