Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New feature: A Mini A Month

I've been quietly working on a new year-long project I'd like to share. I'm calling it A Mini A Month.

The idea came to me over the week-long break from work I had during the holiday season in December. I was puttering around in my craft area one day, feeling rather overwhelmed by the amount of papers I've collected and photos I've had printed. Overwhelmed in a good way, I should say. I enjoy having this collection and decided I would enjoy it even more if I put it to use.

So, with that, A Mini A Month was born.

Here's the project "framework" I've developed for myself:
  • Create one minibook a month with at least half of the contents coming from my collected stash - including already developed photos.
  • Use the mini as a personal journal of what I experienced in the month - favorites, routines, events, facts, feelings.
  • Focus less on the journaled words forming complete sentences and thoughts. 
  • Test out artsy techniques I've seen or thought of, but haven't had a venue to try out.
I'm loving this project.

Currently, here's why. I look forward to working on it = I get something created. I see my stash being used. I like going with my current flow at the start of each month with how I want to construct the book - what's interesting me now in color, size, contents, words. I love that I welcome each month with a new mental canvas - a new month to make a new book.

Here are the covers of January and February and a link below each to view the complete album in a flickr set.



I don't plan to give extensive how-to's on each of these albums throughout the year. Feel free to contact me via email jmkane25 AT msn DOT com if you have a question or two.

I'll post March soon and progress throughout the rest of the year.

Hooray for embracing creativity and just going with it!

A Mini A Month is a year-long project where I follow my inspiration and use on-hand papers from my stash to create a minibook each month.