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"Expectation is the partner of disappointment. Willingness is the partner of life." Carolyn Casey

My friend Tammy read these words to me in December 2008 and they have since found their way into my daily thoughts.

The difference between expectation and willingness is ever so slight, isn't it? Yet, even without this phrase running through my mind over the past few years, I've witnessed how allowing myself to willingly experience life has made my journey more rich than I ever would imagined. I realized I'd spent a long time, many beautiful days, waiting for my life to suddenly become something I imagined as a college student. And the images I created in my early 20s aren't what my reality is in my early 30s. That was disappointing. . .until (literally) one day, back in May 2008, it wasn't anymore. More on that journey when I write the story. Until then, let my willingness adventure continue. . .

I must give credit where credit is due. This guiding phrase is from Carolyn Casey. I don't know much about her, but believe she can put words together in a magical way. Thank you, Carolyn.