about me

Welcome. Thank you for visiting this space. My name is Jill, and here's a bit about me. I'm known for my laugh and enjoy sharing it often. At least once a month 1) Someone calls me Jane. This bothered me so much in college that I wouldn't answer professors when they called me Jane. Now it makes me grin. It's an honest error (just think about my full name - Jill Kane). 2) Someone tells me I look familar and asks if we've met before. 3) I cry. For a variety of reasons. 4) I do something completely new to me.
Now the brass tacks. Born, raised, schooled and still reside in Minnesota. BA in psychology, University of Minnesota, Morris. MA in organizational leadership, St. Catherine University. Presently work at the U of M, Twin Cities campus for the College of Liberal Arts. After ten years of thinking professional fundraising wasn't a career that I wanted, I realized the heart of the profession is working with people when they are at their best. Crafting is one of my greatest joys - working with paper, writing, taking photos, drawing, painting, printmaking, jewelry, pottery. I enjoy traveling alone, with friends, and with people I just met. I am free to manage my own life. . . and that is just where I need to be.
I strive to live my best in the present and love this mystery called life.