Wednesday, June 9, 2010

what's making me smile right now

I've had two sorta cruddy days in a row at work this week. People have different agendas for what they believe is important. That's the lesson I need to remember from this experience. I've done my best to influence in a positive way, and I stood up for what I believe, and now the situation is over. Time to move on.

Amidst all the work drama, here's what has brought a smile to my face over the past few days:

1. Brooke and her home featured on A Home for Alice. If you want to read more about the A Home for Alice project, scroll down a bit on the blog page - there's an explanation on the right sidebar. I'm both intrigued and inspired by Alice's creativity and passion for this adventure.

2. Living across the street from this beautiful and calming place. Site of an outdoor concert I could hear in my living room last Saturday, and where I took the photo above on Sunday. This isn't evident, but I was standing behind a painted pig, with a face cut-out for photos. Leftover from the fun the night before.

3. My supervisor's sheer delight about her three week sailing trip in Greece. She left today!

4. Elise's excitement about this sewing project.

5. Telling a student at tutoring tonight over and over again that his answers are correct. He said he doesn't remember ever hearing so many times in a row that he's getting it.

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  1. I like these things that are making you smile, Jill! Hope lots more have been coming your way. :)