Sunday, June 27, 2010

oh northfield, how do I love thee? let me count the ways. . .

sidewalk neighborhoods that enjoy summer in their front yards
a riverwalk dotted with flowers
seeing new-to-me flowering shrubs and looking up at them
a store that says what it is
(and a smaller city outside of a major metropolitan area that is committed to a co-op)
a two-story library on a hill celbrating its 100 birthday
with public restrooms right inside the entryway
a weekly gathering spot creating the art of summer saturdays
seeing a crowd
musicians who love to sing
vendors trying new recipes
delicious homemade citrus tea with mint
a popcorn wagon in the central square
preserving the past
diggs on division
many spiral staircases
a twin cities suburban transplant who moved to northfield because of the artisan community, and wanted to showcase their talent through her talent of creating a whimsical, friendly gallery. . . complete with her handcrafted paper birds in the window
angle parking
another new recipe: white plum almond pastry tart
a real deal, old-fashioned bakery
a consignment/vintage clothing shop that organizes separate racks by size
this sign
an old favorite
and a new one


  1. That's a lot of gratitudes.

  2. Wonderful post!! So many lovely little blessings.

  3. I've been to Northfield many times and love it! There are so many fun things to see and do and the people are so friendly. Thanks for sharing these images!

  4. looks like a great place- wonderful photos!

  5. Love this post- I'm headed to Northfield Friday- looking forward to spending the day perusing cute shops in a charming town! Any lunch recommendations?