Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Tina at posted her answers to this list today. Thought I'd share mine.

listening: Alexi Murdoch's All My Days, the Brothers Frantzich and Sarah Bareilles' Many the Miles
eating: Smaller portions. Chobani yogurt. As many fresh fruits and vegetables as I can each day.
drinking: Small mocha skim iced lattes vs. medium.
wearing: Blue vintage bead necklace. Gold/white earrings I've worn almost everyday for the past five months.
feeling: Jazzed and a bit scared about my Loft writing class. Confused by Twitter.
weather: Humid sunshine today. Thankful for a day of dryness.
wanting: A massage.
needing: More exercise.
thinking: Time goes by so fast.
enjoying: Dottie Angel's photos and Caiti's wish.
wondering: Where Season 4 of Man Men will pick up?

What are your currents?


  1. Aw, Jill, I'm so glad you enjoyed my post! I'm so flattered at the support and love offered in response to what I wrote. I'm constantly amazed by how wonderful the blog community is.

    By chance did you see my response to your introduction in the Flying Lessons welcome/introduction post? I saw that you were in the course also (I registered a bit late), and I replied to your question about your blog address/domain and how to change it. If you'd like me to email you, I can do that, since my comment is probably buried way at the bottom.

  2. Love this....this is going to be my Saturday post. I will link you :-)

  3. listening: night insects
    eating: watermelon
    drinking: seltzer with oj
    wearing: lots of turquoise, linen pants, cotton shirt, bare feet
    feeling: tired. why am I still up?
    weather: humid but cooler after sunset
    wanting: to hang some pictures but it's too late and would bug the neighbors
    needing: to go to bed with a book and a glass of water and the fan on
    thinking: of tomorrow: emails to write, haricut appt. to make, birthday party to attend, dog to take to vet (I'm looking forward to this stuff, never fear!)
    enjoying: The peace and quiet of the house at night
    wondering: why the library closes at 5 on fridays ~ I want my books on hold!

  4. listening: Sinead O'Connor and Coldplay over the past two days.
    eating: Smaller portions too. More fruit and veg - less bread and pasta(boo).
    drinking: water. tea.
    wearing: More of my wardrobe as I get fitter and healthier in prep for the challenges that lie ahead. Weaving my parachute and treating myself kindly by wearing nice things.
    feeling: A bit stuck and trying to prevent "closing down" from occuring. A bit scared and excited as I start my new job tomorrow.
    weather: Sunny with a bit of breeze.
    wanting: connection.
    needing: More time.
    thinking: I'm loving this little exercise - thank you for posting it.
    enjoying: Exploring blogland.
    wondering: How to keep my focus and clarify my priorities.