Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Today I'm 34.5. Time just clips by and by. I thought I'd provide an update on where I'm at with my list of 34 to-dos in this year of my life. I'm thinking of each of these as an adventure - like in the movie UP - which I highly recommend. I love that. And I love figuring out how to document them in the little book I put together in November. It's an adventure and project all in one! What could be better, I ask? :)

1: love - definitely. I've been working to feel love in situations that might not immediately draw that emotion out from me. It's good.
2: start an etsy shop
3: finish five books - 2 down, many started. What will end up being the five (or six or seven) will tell a story about my year.
4: cross an ocean
5: bake bread from scratch
6: have a "Clare's Well day" once a month - haven't missed a month yet :)
7: sister's weekend trip with Jodi
8: take a book class at MCBA
9: hike
10: kayak
11: dinner (again) at the Harbor View Cafe in Pepin
12: host a party
13: de-clutter - yes! And the progress continues. . .
14: go fishing with dad - I'm neutral about this one happening as I planned. I have a back-up experience from January.
15: go to a Gopher football game with Andrew
16: go on a picnic
17: stay at a B&B - made a reservation today at The Magic Door in Northfield for the end of June :)
18: smile - like love, this continues. I often tell myself while walking through my daily life to smile, and then I do it.
19: make a favorite childhood recipe with mom - completed on Mother's Day. Ripe olive hotdish it was.
20: sing in the rain - completed last weekend at the Clare's Well work day. Sang quietly with Tammy.
21: buy handmade - many yeses to this one.
22: support literacy - it's been a year since I completed training to become a volunteer tutor, and now nine months of tutoring. This is the most meaningful volunteering I've done so far in my life. I'm considering how my financial support this year of the Minnesota Literacy Council will reflect my feelings about this experience.
23: blog everyday for one month - completed, November 25-December 25.
24: close a big gift
25: date - 1.5 dates. Hoping for more :)
26: fit more comfortably in my clothes - working on this one. . .
27: watch the oringinal Star Wars trilogy
28: ice skate at Ivy Hills Park - completed in February
29: find something lovely at a consignment shop
30: go bowling
31: bake a rhubarb pie from scratch - I might call the rhubarb upside down cake I made for Mother's Day as completing this one. . . maybe :)
32: fill my red wall with art - the art and frames are all here in home. Not on the wall(s) yet. I've got so much there will be some more art walls in my space :)
33: pray - everyday
34: document this list - in progress

Pretty good for six months of living 34, eh? I feel proud and accomplished.


  1. I checked the date yesterday because it was the first day I wrote a song with lyrics and chords by myself - I thought it had some additional significance and now I know why.

    Clare's Well Day once a month, I am impressed you've done this!


  2. Oh Tammy, a Clare's Well day once a month is no problem for me at all ;). I still cook for myself and access the internet so it's not the *real* thing, but I'm pretty darn close with not scheduling/planning/running around for the day.

  3. What a fabulous list! You'll love baking bread from scratch - the smell that will fill your home...heavenly!

  4. I love this! Great list and good progress. Speaking of lists, you might like the book "The Next Thing on my List." It's fiction and about a 34 year old women completing the list of a 25 year old who passed away. I'm 2/3rd through and like it.

  5. Stacy - thanks for the book suggestion! I probably would like it :) Maybe it will be one of my 5 for the year (i'm an incredibly slow reader. . .and i like to read more than one book at a time - hence why i want to finish 5 this year!)

  6. wow I love reading this - and it inspires me to do this for myself. It reminds me of the mondo beyondo class I took ( twice ). I love seeing the list and reading all the things you've checked off or are still doing. AMAZING!