Wednesday, December 2, 2009

not THE candle. . .

But a good photo fill-in because it's dark in my place and I'm a bigger fan of daytime indoor photos. And I don't want to light THE candle just yet!

THE candle is a Thymes (local company) Frasier Fir. If you're near one this season, smell it. It's the reason to not have a real tree. On my way home from tutoring this evening I picked one up at Gerten's Ladies Night Out Wednesdays. 30% off - which was needed. I still gulped when I paid for it. But the Aveda Shampure candle above is almost burned down and I knew I would need a new go-to candle soon. I'm looking forward to this Frasier Fir. I'm thinking it can be an all year candle. In the summer it will remind me of northern Minnesota.

Today I was inspired by the beautiful and functional creations of U of M art students. I visited the annual holiday art sale on campus and picked up a cup and some cards made by intaglio printing. I'd love to take an intaglio class. . . and hope MCBA might offer one sometime. Or I guess I could look into taking one at the U. . .but I'd have to take it for a grade to take advantage of the Regent's Scholarship for employees. Grades = stress I just don't need in life anymore. Decisions, decisons. . . I was also reminded how much I enjoyed pottery classes in college. It was a frustrated enjoyment actually. Man, that wheel throwing is tough. I could watch my instructor's gracefulness all day, in awe. All in all, those pottery classes provided great balance at that point in my life, which was a true blessing.

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