Saturday, December 5, 2009


Whew! This has been a busy, yet fun, week. Full week of work (after five days off - always an adjustment) and five full nights of activities. Holiday gatherings #1, #2, and #3, combined with music, colors, storefronts and a general excitement for the season I've felt from others has put me in the holiday - joyous and peaceful - spirit.

I had breakfast with a former co-worker this morning. If you ever go to the Good Earth, I highly recommend the cinnamon french toast. Then it was on to Grand Meander on Grand Ave in St. Paul. I met friends from Hennepin Ave we were all over the avenue with many others. Took the trolley up to the Macalester area to see a penguin from Como Zoo. He is a warm weather penguin, so the zoo worker was spritzing him with water to keep him cool. He had enough social time and went into his little cage for some quite. Animals amaze me. We also saw an Irish wolfhound on a walk. It was almost the size of a pony. Wow. Imagine a dog that size in your house.

Lately I've become more interested in looking at clothes in small boutiques (often way too expensive), vintage shops and consignment stores. Grand Ave has plenty. I was taken aback to spot a familiar label, Avoca (from Ireland), in Karma on Grand. There were quite a few scarves and a hot water bottle cover (I've always wondered about hot water bottles. . . ). I remembered the idyllic original (and still operational) weaving mill we toured in Co. Wicklow. I think it dated back to the 1800s, which is young compared to some of the sites we saw. I guess even quaint Avoca has discovered the world market. I smiled, remembering I had on a scarf from the source :)

Becca commented she couldn't believe how courteous people in St. Paul seem to be, compared to Minneapolis. Maybe something the smaller twin can can boast in the seemingly never-ending rivalry between the two cities.

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