Friday, December 4, 2009

no coast

Really enjoyed the No Coast Craft O Rama at Midtown Global Market this evening on my home from work. It's open tomorrow too. Holy Land Deli has great falafel and Salty Tart Bakery was voted a favorite bakery in the Twin Cities. Check it out if you can!


  1. Jill! I was there tonight, too! Mike and I went to check it out and I told him, "I bet Jill knows about this..." We met some friends for dinner at A La Salsa after exploring for a bit. Sure was cool to look at what everyone was selling!

  2. Ha! Too funny. If I had seen you two, that would have been 4 people I knew that I saw. One of my coworkers was selling her glass work, and I literally bumped into a friend from college while buying some of his friend's letterpress. I like Midtown - I need to go there more often.