Tuesday, December 1, 2009

the dice game

Tonight I enjoyed holiday party #1, with friends from a book club (hi to you all because you're the majority of my readers, at least those I know of). We had a great time laughing and eating good food. And we played the always popular dice game. I walked away with a Santa head cookie jar, which is great because I don't have a Santa head cookie jar. And it sort of reminds me of this Santa doll that is my sister's, but for some reason it never moved with her so my mom would put it under our tree every year. Actually that doll sort of freaked me out when I was little and would be in the living room with just the Christmas tree lights on. It has "follow you" eyes. I remember getting to edge of the kitchen and running really fast around the corner through the living room and into the bathroom or my bedroom. I haven't thought of that memory in a long time.

Back to the dice game. It was intense. The most wanted item seemed to be the movie The Holiday. Carol is the proud winner. I love that movie. If it wasn't 11:22, I'd watch it now. Beth gave us lovely poinsettias and Melissa in all her craftiness made us bookmarks. Thanks ladies for a fun night!

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