Friday, December 11, 2009


Hey, this is post number 50 for me. There was a time this year when I thought this blog idea was just another thing to do. Now I'm rather enjoying it.

Today I'm celebrating three years of working in development for CLA at the U, along with Emily and Eva. We've learned a lot together, and it's meant the world to me to for us to be newbies together. After three years I can finally say I have an understanding of the U works. It truly took that long. . . and I doubted all those who told me it would. I'm a fast learner and catch on quick at jobs. Calendar time at the U goes by very quickly. Projects and decisions aren't typically made quickly. Efficient or not, the reason is academia is a highly consultative culture. It's an odd time continuum to live in sometimes. I'm blessed to have found my way back to U, which was a goal after I graduated from Morris in 1998. And I'm blessed to work with fabulous colleages, and talented and motivated students.

We had a small anniversary and graduation celebration this afternoon in the office. My coworker Kaylee walked in graduate school commencement today as well. Her parents, husband and best friend joined us for the party. The only person missing was Mary because she had a chemo appointment, but we know she was with us in spirit. We're nearing a celebration for her too because she's almost finished with her third and last type of chemo treatments.

It was a good friday indeed.

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