Thursday, December 10, 2009

it isn't always holly jolly

Today was somewhat a day of extremes.

1. The garage door on my end of the garage wasn't opening this morning, so I had to go out the other door. Not a big deal, but I knew I needed to call it into our management company. Turns out another owner had manually shut the door earlier this morning because it wasn't shutting all the way. Just like all of us, he didn't have time to post a note in my building to let us know what he did. It's a good thing he shut the door for many reasons I won't go into. I made the call, he apologized for not also calling, and the door was fixed. Teamwork!

2. 94 was a mess this morning, so I exited to University, along with everyone else. I love my job, but the commute really gets to me some days. Yesterday I was literally trapped behind someone going 15 on the River Parkway from Shepard Road to the U campus - basically the bulk of my commute. I'm all for caution, but when you're going so slow that your car doesn't have enough momentum to keep traction, that's also a problem.

3. I'm finally getting another string of visits with prospective donors! You really have to be like a duck and just let all the no's and ignored calls/emails be water that just rolls off your back. I'm fortunate to work with a great team who gets the stigma attached to raising money. We support and cheer each other on and that's wonderful.

4. I completely enjoyed potluck #1 of the day with my coworkers, and even one new colleague who will start next week. We gave our director a really nice gift certificate to Meritage and recognized the difficult year we've lived through with the economy tanking, a new dean, a new CEO at the foundation, the U in an ongoing precarious budget situation, and a few of us dealing with aging parents and grandparents and our director fighting cancer. We've really been through quite a year together!

5. Another condo issue this afternoon. I'm praying the common sense fairy will visit a certain unit tonight, wave her wand, and greater personal responsibility will be the outcome. Fingers crossed!

6. Potluck #2 this evening with friends from Hennepin. Lots of laughter and good food. I had sweet potato pie for the first time, and believe I like it more than pumpkin.

7. This is really from yesterday, but I noticed again the beautiful card from a friend and it just lifted my spirits after I wrote another email to the people who need some common sense. I'm so happy the post office is still around just to receive beautiful mail.

8. Super excited that thirtysomething season 2 will be released in January. I was sort of bummed to finish the first season that released in August in about a week, and thought the other seasons will be released who knows when. I'm hoping 3 and 4 will follow. Such a great show.

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