Friday, December 25, 2009


Merry Christmas! I hope you are enjoying a beautiful day with family and friends. I was probably four or five in this picture. My sister made the duck I'm clutching along with my Woodsy family that lived in that fabric log. The Woodsies remain one of my all-time favorite gifts. I carried them everywhere. Papa, Mama and Baby Woodsy were squirrels or woodchucks or chipmunks. They were dressed. They squeaked. And the door of the log folded down so the Woodsies could sit in chairs at their table. The whole thing came with a book about their lives. I wonder if it's all still in my parents' attic. I need to look. Other favorite gifts were the My Friends dolls, Merlin and Fashion Plates.

December 25 marks my 30 days of blogging each day. I made it - and accomplished one of my 34 to-dos of the year! Thanks for reading along. I hope to keep it up.

Love and peace.


  1. Wow, I noticed you had suddenly become a very regular blogger! I like it! Good luck keeping it up.

  2. I had a Woodsie Family, too! I was just talking about it the other day... I felt like no one else had ever heard of them... Ahhh... The Woodsies.

  3. The Woodsies were the best! I remember bringing them camping and playing with them for hours on a picnic table. Their squeaks eventually stopped because I loved them so much.