Wednesday, December 9, 2009

holiday bokeh

What is bokeh you say? It's demonstrated in this photo - the blur, or aesthetic quality of the blur, in an out-of-focus photo.

I snapped this on campus as I was leaving tonight. Somewhat by hasty accident, and quickly realizing I've wanted to take more photos this way, but just haven't seized the opportunity when it's upon me. This is a part of my typical (outside) walk twice a day. Through this little courtyard called Lilly Plaza that workers have been scrutinizing over the light hanging for a few days. It's near Northrop Auditorium and Morrill Hall and one guess is someone in either of those buildings hasn't thought the lights were just right. . .

I'll have to snap a picture of this another night, but fear it just won't do justice, but I also walk by a frat house that on my home is playing synthesized holiday tunes complete with a choreographed outdoor light display show. They do it every year. It's quite something. I give those boys credit. It's really a sight.

I sort of fell into a long winter's nap this evening and think I might have missed posting for 12/9/09. Maybe I can back date with the clock setting. . .

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