Monday, April 5, 2010

remembering december
And you're so right, this photo looks not a thing like December in Minnesota. It doesn't even look like summer in Minnesota. Well friends, that's because it's Savannah, GA, or aka, the city I've been wishing to visit for over five years. Why has Savannah been on my mind for so long? No one reason really. It feels magical to me. Southern charm. A slower pace. Tree canopies with lacy moss swaying with the breeze. A completely walkable destination. A vibrant arts and crafts community. History balanced with the modern day. And perhaps some fried okra for good measure. October 23-29 I'll be spending my days and resting my head in this enchanting place.

Some might remember this idea for my big trip in 2010. I've booked it for 2011.

So why am I remembering December? Because I blogged every day that month. I remember enjoying that experience, reflecting on my days and sharing a slice of it with whomever journeyed to my internet home. Somewhat strange maybe, because I don't think this space gathers too many readers, but nonetheless I felt connected. I'm plugging back into that experience and making another go of daily blogging. I wonder what I'll share each day? I haven't a clue as I peck away at this post. I know I'll circle back to this story and finish it up. And that's about it for my ideas at this moment. I'll tap into my fondness of considering observations and learning new things and figure it out along the way.

Hello to those of you who are following this place. . . a see a few photos of people I do not know. I'm honored you visit. Thank you!

Now for a question. . .what "I'm not quite certain why, but I'm sticking with it" destination is on your list?

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