Sunday, April 25, 2010

week in the life 2010: wednesday

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Today I felt like life was leaving me at the curb and everyone else was passing me by. It just wasn't a happy day for me. It was perfect that tonight was my tutoring night. Getting out of my own thoughts and helping others was a true blessing. And I so know this because my day job is all about thanking people for their gifts of time, treasure and talent, but this is National Volunteer Recognition Week, and it meant so much to receive a thoughtful recognition from the program I work with. Tonight it just touched my heart in a different way because I was really feeling down today. I realized as I climbed into bed that I've come a long way so far in life with dealing with these feelings. There was a time in when they would stall me at the curb for much longer than they needed to. Now I've learned it's OK to feel them and I allow myself to feel them. I take good care of myself during these times, and am careful not to "should" all over myself. A good night's sleep doesn't solve everything, but it helps create perspective and clarity for the next day.

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