Sunday, April 25, 2010

week in the life 2010: saturday

 can't decide. . . think i'll keep both
 ready to hang pictures next weekend
 [upside down] projects in progress
 picking up my new camera
 here it is. . . back to instant photos
 sewing buttons
 needs ironing
 still drying
 outfit for katie couric
 spring coat

Great Saturday (especially the sleeping in much longer than I had planned). Chores and a few quick errands, then started "project reorganize the craft room." Will have to finish up tomorrow. Attended the UMAA annual celebration tonight with a donor couple. Katie Couric was the keynote speaker. She started out sort of corny, but delivered an inspiring message and was fabulous during the q&a. She says she was born on a sunny day and has always been smiley and optimistic. You could feel her positive energy in the room.

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