Tuesday, April 6, 2010

what i'm reading

As usual, I'm in the midst of a couple books at the same time. I move between them as the mood strikes. I'm reframing this habit from "I'm a distracted, non-disciplined reader" to "I enjoy keeping my options open." Here's what is keeping me company right before bedtime these days.
Happy and intrigued with all. What are you reading?


  1. I'm always in the middle of at least 3 books at once! My husband doesn't understand how I can keep everything straight.

    I just finished reading Committed myself. I enjoyed reading it, but nothing about it really stuck with me after I finished. Definitely not as good as EPL in my opinion.

  2. I'm about 1/3 through Committed. The only idea that's sticking with me thus far is her story about the Hmong women (I think it was Hmong women) who didn't tie their happiness to the fact they were married. They're husbands were mostly needed for other areas of their lives instead. I find this book more thought-provoking/informational than story telling like EPL. I love EPL. . . I'll probably write a post about it soon. Thanks for stopping by!