Monday, April 19, 2010

week in the life 2010: monday

I'm documenting a week in my life with words + photos, along with Ali and the many, many others she inspires. The heart of this project is simplicity - what images, routines and words comprise your daily existence? Who are the people you share your life with? In the frame of one week, who are you?

This week is about taking photos of your life and writing down some words about your days. Photos of anything. Stories about anything. Tucking away pieces of paper you touched.

Next week(s) is about putting the pieces together in an album. The skeleton of my album is all set to go. The album and pages, the decorative papers and extras are gathered. I'll have my photos printed next week. I'll write about my day each night before bed on a notecard and set it aside until assembling time.

I'll likely share just a few photos each day this week. . .light on words. . . unless the word sharing mood strikes.

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