Monday, March 22, 2010

simple joys

My four day weekend has just about concluded. Magically it feels longer than four days. That feeling is a true gift. I was completely surrounded by the richness of my life. This little photo collage is a glimpse of what I'm talking about.

1: Top left. This is a plate I found in a kitchen cabinet at my parent's home. I'm doing something with it that is beyond what I thought I would ever do: hanging it on a wall in my home. My sister was in town this weekend and we had a fabulous sister weekend. She came up so we could go to the Five for Fighting concert at the Fitzgerald. She loves F4F. This is the second time we've seen them perform. It's really one singer/songwriter that makes up the band - John Ondrasnik. I was sort of lukewarm about him two years ago, but he's so warm and inviting live that I like his music more and more. We enjoyed hearning him again. . .and celebrating Jodi's birthday a few days early. The plate is from another bit of the weekend: cleaning out a few kitchen cabinets for mom and dad. We laughed and laughed and laughed some more as we worked away Saturday morning. I'm all about weeding through things and asking mom to make a decision - keep or give to the rummage sale? Jodi, not so much. And mom, not so much. In the end mom said yes to two bags worth of things to let go of. We also organized the hutch + cabinet my dad built last year for the dining space. There are five shelves behind glass doors that needed some beauty. We decided all of mom's cut-glass stemware and serving pieces, fancy china and a few vases and knick-knacks needed some face time in the hutch. Jodi handed and guided from across the kitchen and I arranged. It looks so gorgeous! After 50+ years of these treasures living out of sight, they're now shining up the dining area. It just makes my heart sing seeing all of this beauty combined in my parents house, out in the open for them to enjoy. They deserve it. Jodi and I each took just a few things home with us. She took some steak plates our aunt (her godmother) gave mom and dad many years ago, and I took the plate above. I'm sure I've looked at it before and thought not much of it. On Saturday it took my breath away. The image reminds me of The Burren area in Ireland, and maybe a bit of northern California. Both places I've visited. Mom thinks it came from dad's mom, or his maternal grandmother. I bought a wall plate holder for it and now just need to decide where to hang it. I love it!

2: Top right. Taking some reflection photos this past week. This one is me reflected in a glass pane on a building door at Dodge Nature center. There's something about it that so speaks to me right now. I'm calling it seeing learning.

3: Bottom left. Another reflection picture. Last year I scanned a bunch of old photos from when I was little. I'm making a scrapbook with many of them, and framing some favorites as well. This is one I've framed. It's me, probably around age three or so. I'm "taking a picture" with a toy camera that squirted water from the lens. Probably a holiday, judging from what I'm wearing. The bird image is reflected from a shirt I'm wearing today. I love how memories are seen in layers.

4: Bottom right. The light and colors of this intentionally out-of-focus photo are so early spring to me. I also took this one at Dodge on Sunday, just as the sun was setting. When I look at it, memories of past springs just flood my mind. Place isn't important in this photo, it's all about the colors. The grey blue mixed with golden brown. So spring-is-here-more-and-more-each-day. A few minutes after taking this I heard rustling ahead and one by one, six deer crossed in front of me. Each looking at me with their expressive brown eyes. Living next to Dodge is probably in my top three things I love most about my home.

Moments and stories like these fill me up beyond measure. I am truly blessed.

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