Friday, December 31, 2010

thanks 2010

To love were my words for 2010. I knew it before, but felt it this year time and again: love is a really, really big word. I remember most little moments that passed my way, and recognizing I need to love them, just as they are.

Here are a few:
Laughing with mom and Jodi as we cleaned mom's kitchen cabinets in March. I'm all about weeding out what is no longer needed - Jodi and mom, not so much. The final task was moving all of mom's beautiful, treasured china and glass to a hutch dad made for her last year. It all glistens and sparkles from behind the glass doors.

Connecting with thoughtful, creative and amazing new friends I met through the Unravelling e-course in the spring. We live all over the world. Our lives are all very different. Yet we connected.

The Sisters at Clare's Well trusting that Tammy and I would know how to dig a ditch to bury a drainage pipe on the Sacred Path. I told Carol that I thought she had a lot of faith in us. She just smiled.

Spending a Saturday night in June home with the windows wide open. The nature center across the street was having an outdoor concert at the barn, which became a free indoor concert for me. It was perfect.

Picking dad up from the rehabilitation center he lived at for three weeks after his knee replacement in July. He met new friends there. It was strangely sad walking down the hallway with him as he said goodbye to all the nurses and physical therapists who helped him (pushed him) to recover. It was the best decision for him to go there right after the hospital. . . because he's completely let his PT work slide since.

A guest at Clare's Well telling me she felt my complete peace just before I left after my week's stay.

Invitations waiting for me when I returned from Clare's Well from two friends. For two different experiences/events. This was a true blessing.

Reading to baby Carlo and watching him point to buttons on his shirt, then to circles in the book.

Taking mom to the State Fair. She loves the fair - and it's been sad to see her miss it the past few years. She was brave tackling a day of the highest record attendance (ever!) on a motorized scooter. I'm so proud of her.

Jodi giving me $5 at Andrew's football game for concession snacks - 2 sodas, nachos and 2 popcorns - and me saying it wouldn't be enough. She grinned and said, "You're in Akron, Iowa, Jill - not the Twin Cities. You'll be fine." The total came to $4.

Laughing with Megan when we saw the olive green kitchenette in our hotel room in Portland.

Asking a current UMMer to take our picture at Homecoming.

Chatting with an off-duty pilot at Atlanta Hartsfield.

Hearing and reading happy birthday.

Watching Paul Frantzich perform at the Brothers holiday concert.

Falling asleep for the night on the living room couch at my parents on Christmas Eve.

Moving vases and dishes around in my kitchen, preparing to plant some new green plants after the Christmas decorations come down.

Gathering my favorite little books I made this year into a basket to sit next to my bed.

It was a year to love.


  1. Glad your 2010 was filled with love.
    Here's to a great 2011.

  2. I feel inspired by the attention you are giving to the beauty in your life.