Sunday, February 14, 2010

word of the year

I'm taking the opportunity, on this February 14, to be a bit cliche. . . and to fill you in on my word for the year. Actually, it's two words:

To love.

I started this tradition four years ago with friends. We meet each year around January 1 for a New Year's ritual/celebration. The first two years, the word selected me. First, receptive in 2007, then well in 2008. Last year I selected threshold after reading one author's interpretation of the word during Advent. It resonated with me. And in countless ways threshold, a word I hardly considered in the past, was a part of 2009. Each of these words are still active in my life. That's a beautiful outcome of being present.

The love rock pictured above was in the new-to-me cottage I stayed in this summer at Clare's Well. There are many Clare's Well words that one can spot while there. . . peace, faith, believe, well, soul, hope, prayer. . . and, love. There it was, waiting for me to arrive. So I knew that was a sign, and I knew it would be my word for 2010.

Love. That's one vast word. So vast it sort of startled me around New Year's. It's huge as a noun. I decided to give it action and life I needed to make it a verb. More pondering. To love was my choice.

So, here's to love - today and every day.


  1. I like that word of the year idea.

  2. Beautiful post Jilly. And it's not cliche when it comes from the heart.