Tuesday, June 7, 2011

a mini a month: march and april

Wow. It's been a month since my last post. Since then green leaves and blooming flowers and 103 degree temps have emerged outside. I've been sort of captivated by all the fresh new-ness of late spring (now summer, apparently!) in Minnesota and it's been keeping me busy and away from the blog world. But I'm back with an update/share of A Mini A Month.

The covers of March and April are below - click on the month name below each photo to see the entire album. Even though my posting is later than I hoped, I still love this project and am keeping up on creating a book a month. My goals are still being met: get crafty, use my supply stash, let inspiration take over and guide me. May is sitting on my desk waiting better light (read: next weekend when I'm home during the day) for photographing. Apologies that photos of March are a bit on the dark side. I raced sundown that day and kinda won ;)


A note about April. I used Ali Edwards' idea of a Scrapbook on the Road to document two days (a weekend) in my city.

Cheers to a new season, new ideas and new ways of seeing possibilities. And more sun, heat and flowers for good measure.

A Mini A Month is a year-long project where I follow my inspiration and use on-hand papers from my stash to create a minibook each month.


  1. LOVE.

    Love all the letterpress goodness in the March mini.

    And, am crazy about the goodies you kept from your weekend adventures in the April mini. You really took AE's idea and made it your own!

  2. Hey Jill - what shoes are you wearing? I need some red.