Wednesday, March 23, 2011

keeping me going

This gorgeous photo by Flora Douville featured in a recent post on her blog is keeping me going while freezing rain and snow continue to fall in the Twin Cities.

Doesn't the magic of the light and mystery of the path just draw you in? Love it. (I suggest clicking on the photo to view it larger - my blog formatting requires a smaller photo.) Thanks to Flora for this much needed spring eye-candy.

ps : Flora's photography greets me M-F at my work office. This is the second year I've displayed her photo calendar on my pinboard. She lives in France and I believe most of her paired photos are details of her European life. I enjoy the glimpses of life across the pond.


  1. I was completely thinking about the Eskimo culture that has thousands of words for snow. I think every single one of those types of snow fell at my house yesterday.

    And, I didn't even get a snow day out of it!