Saturday, July 31, 2010

the beauty of last weekend

a straw hat
a sandy beach
umbrellas dotting a blue sky
finishing up a book
spontaneously planning this late afternoon adventure after an already full and exciting morning of taking my dad to a doctor appointment and moving him back home after his stay at a physical therapy rehab center after his knee replacement earlier this month. blessed to help and blessed to enjoy the sun after.
driving south on WI 35 for a day road trip
and finding some old stuff for $5.50 total
picking a pound of blueberries and enjoying seeing how a family lives on their farm
seeing this table and chairs
and this flower box
wearing a sundress and sandals
walking through this gorgeously sparse gallery in alma, wi
capturing shadows
completing another task on my 34 to dos with dinner at the harbor view cafe. seeing again the waitress who served me last year, and another patron who said to me last year, "i love seeing a woman taking care of herself." confidently enjoying this fantastic meal at a table for one, while becoming engrossed in a new book. remembering that i haven't eaten gazpacho since this trip. (i haven't forgetten that i need to finish this
story. . . )
walking on a rocky pier in lake pepin
the care towns put into their aesthetic and people chatting and laughing together along sidewalks
harbor view leftovers and fresh sweet corn on my deck the next evening
this is beauty of (summer) life.


  1. You did a lot, especially for an impulsive late afternoon adventure! I want some of those blueberries, they didn't have any left at the Farmer's Market today. And you saw the woman AGAIN who commented to you last year about taking care of yourself! Talk about a reinforcement of that message!

  2. What a relaxing post! Love the sugar container! I love that you are taking care of yourself. This post just made me pine for a day to care for me.

  3. Ha, Tammy - this was actually three days. My dad + the beach, then driving down WI 35 the next day, then a day around home. I have a feeling that woman and her husband are sailing locals.

  4. I love those flea market finds!! And, glad you enjoyed the book.

  5. Jill, thanks for sharing such wonderful beautiful moments with us. I'm blessed to read them.