Friday, May 15, 2009

grateful for. . .

Two weeks in a row remembering to list my favorites from the week. . . maybe this will become a habit.

1: The mandatory, our office only, 4:15p meeting today with the Dean's Chief of Staff turned out to be about nothing all of us didn't already know.

2: Literacy training. Loving it and excited to receive a placement. Reminded how much the love of learning is a part of my core - both my own learning and witnessing others learn. And that we can learn from people of all abilities.

3: Flexibility. This week I said thank you more than once for the ability to choose how I spend my time. Looking forward to the work day tomorrow at Clare's Well.

4: Friends listening to what brings them joy and staying true to what they hear, even if it means making changes during uncertain times.

5: Starting a "travel" savings account.

6: Finding a journal from college and making two realizations: 1) Observing life and writing insightfully about it is a skill I've honed for a while and 2) I've worked hard to make positive changes in my life.

7: My nephew, Andrew, is healing after receiving first-third degree burns on both arms from an accident with hot oil at work. He's in pain and expressing it to his parents, but it could have been much worse.


  1. Dropping by from Megs blog...

    I love your reflections on finding your old journal. What a gift. :)

  2. Oh your poor nephew... when my nephew was 4 he was severely burned and spent a month at HCMC... burns are so scary! your list! Especially the one about finding your college journals...I didn't have one but I do have some photo albums... I don't think I would have "liked" what I would have written from back

  3. Prayers for your nephew! And I want to hear about your experience in teaching reading.