Sunday, February 15, 2009

what makes me happy weekend

I had a "what makes me happy" weekend, in honor of Valentines Day. For holidays that largely center around significant others, I usually do a bit of planning a head of time for how I'm going to spend my time. V-day is one of these holidays, New Year's Eve is another for me. So, my weekend ended up being a bit planned and a bit go with the flow. Enjoyed it lots!

made crepes with strawberries and blackberries for breakfast on Saturday

admired my V-day gift to myself - prints (picture) from

mailed off my literacy tutor application for the local adult basic education program

visited a new place for me on Saturday

read Speaking of Faith

registered for a class at The Loft

paged through the Kitchen Window class catalog to find a "free" class for my "volunteer" hours from last year

went out for pie with Mom

spent some time with my journal

attended a new member class at Hennepin UMC on Sunday - with 32 others!

ordered photos to frame from here

watched Northern Exposure, Season 5

made Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday (not as good as Mom's!)

laughed on the phone with Tammy and my sister

spent (too) little time on some scrapbooking projects (maybe next weekend. . . )


  1. Jill you gotta help some of us with Speaking of Faith...I personally am struggling!

  2. What a full weekend! I'm glad you went back to Black Sheep and got to enjoy it. Ain't it great? I'll be interested to hear about your tutoring experience when it starts. I'm struggling with SOF, too. Did you finish the whole book???

  3. Oh no, I'm not done with the book yet. I have a bit left of chapter 3. She's a strong writer, that's mostly why I'm liking it. It's really more of a memoir about her life, at least that's what I'm getting out of it.